Hi there! – A Quick Introduction

It’s a little bit strange for me to introduce myself here. I’ve never had a blog of any kind before and this feels almost like having a conversation with myself. 

Moreover, I’d like to believe I’ve already met a lot of you at some point and you’re going ‘ok Tili, we know this stuff already’. 

But here I go anyway. 

Hi , I’m Tilika. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember and with this blog I’m hoping to share my artistic journey, the failures and the wins and sometimes just pictures of my cat (sorry!)

I fell in love with watercolour about 6 years ago when I lived in Hong Kong and my next door neighbour Justin, who was a botanical illustrator kindly gave me a few lessons. He even bought me my first set of Watercolour brushes!

From there on, I was hooked.

Justin and Keilem at our little painting club


Today, from my home studio I run Studio Passepartout, where I sell handmade and curated art supplies while juggling some time to make art.

I’ve launched this website to finally be able to offer and share my art with the world and this blog to be able to connect with you better. I want to encourage you to ask questions, suggest topics and help me understand what makes blogs fun 🙂

Finally, as promised, here’s a picture of my cat.


Until next time,


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