Hi there! Im Tilika, Im an artist, art educator and paintmaker. I moved to Dubai in 2017 and dove head first into the art community here. My journey began at TheJamJar Dubai, where I developed a watercolour and illustration workshop that still continues to this day, while also teaching their renowned Young Artist’s Programme. 

Due to my love of watercolor, In 2020 I started Studio Passepartout as a way to bring traditional paint making techniques and recipes of the rennaisance to artists here in the country. What started as a humble experiment with pigments sourced from around the world has now turned into a resource for local artists to procure paint lovingly handmade right here in the U.A.E. 

Over the years, i’ve collaborated with multiple home grown businesses and continue to celebrates my love for food and the ocean through my paintings and illustrations.

collaboration builds community,

get in touch if you'd like to work with me or commission some art.